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If you are exploring the option of Charter with Elysian Airlines you have selected a very viable option for your travel needs. Whether you are travelling on business or leisure you will benefit from options such as no luggage restrictions, fastrack through to the aircraft and other benefits of charter services. Find out more how we can assist your company?
We run Charter services to many destinations, Elysian Airlines understands the critical need to get your logistics right and on time with flexible and at times complex requirements. We provide a range of capacity for group tours, to ad hoc charters for specific events, corporate incentive programmes and much more. We pride ourselves in helping you create quality yet cost effective solutions that enhance and add value to your operations. Find out more about how we can assist your company?
Move patient(s) from location with medical personnel, closer to hospital. To ensure our flight team and medical staff are fully prepared, the following are essential: The patient’s medical records, any important information about the patient’s condition, contact details of the treating hospital and doctor the patient will be flying to. Our team are on standby to offer immediate advice and can give you a quote in minutes for evacuation of the patient.
We welcome group bookings from parties of all sizes. To find out more information please contact Elysian Airlines with details of your intended travel arrangements. Our team would be standing by to help ease your travel arrangements. Charter services is an excellent choice for group tours, corporate and incentive travel or for any special events. We offer: Ad hoc charters for events, round trips and single leg journeys. We can also help with complex tours and schedules. Want to find out more about how Elysian Airlines can assist your company?
Logistics for your company or organisation's personnel. Ad-hoc or frequent schedules. NGO personnel. Government personnel


PAX: 18


CABIN: Pressurised

Operator: Elysian Airlines

Base: Conakry Guinea

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Thank you for selecting Elysian Airlines (the Carrier) for your charter flight(s). Carefully fill in the form below with details of your travel requirements. Also confirm you have read the Terms and Conditions of charter, including cancellation policy and list of restricted articles, including items of “dangerous goods’ that cannot be carried. These Terms and Conditions must be read and understood by each passenger prior to embarkation.

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